I’m producing a fashion editorial for the upcoming issue of SOUTH, an arts publication I co-edit with Nigel Borell about Maori and Pacific arts and culture in South Auckland. Three South Auckland designers will be styling a series of concept images about their inspiration, space, style and creative conviction. I tagged along with Samoan designer Genevieve Pini to find an alleyway as a location for one of her ideas. This alleyway in between Dawson Road and Zelda Avenue in Otara was a winner.

In a sea of ‘Council brown’ (the colour so many urban spaces are painted in an effort to discourage tagging and graffiti), a banana tree towers over the rickety tin fence in a burst of tropical greens. I love it.

SOUTH Issue will be launched at the opening of Concealed Ancestors at Papakura Art Gallery, South Auckland on 12 January 2013!

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  1. Aunty

    Lovely site. And for a question for the Pacifica fashion expert, what is “Pacific formal dress” ? Long? Is black ok? etc


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