Nicole Lim

Title: Pimp My Trishaw Series #1 – Homage to My Homegirls
Date: 2013
Series: Pimp My Trishaw
Medium: Digital Print on 175gsm Matte Paper
Dimensions: 210x297mm [framed]

Artist Statement

In this series Lim draws upon the trishaw culture in Malacca; a small state located in Malaysia where this unique culture turn tradition came about, as a result from the state’s thriving tourism industry. Malacca’s rich history, architecture and cultural influences from the Portuguese and Dutch occupation have made it a year round hotspot for tourists and locals alike.

These three wheeler carts are often shrine-like; owners heavily decorate their trishaws with brightly coloured flowers, fairy lights, flags and cheap plastic store-bought items, paying homage to the patriotism of the local people and its culture.

Pimp My Trishaw Series #1 – Homage to My Homegirls was created specifically for the #2girls1conference Art Auction, as a special tribute to Ema Tavola and Leilani Kake’s journeys and passion for their work in advocating for the Pacific and Maori arts in South Auckland, Aotearoa.

This work comes with three pairs of customised 3D paper glasses.


Nicole Lim is a South Auckland-based graphic designer and visual artist. Since 2009, Lim has been an integral part of Fresh Gallery Otara, the dynamic exhibitions gallery located in the Otara Town Centre. She took up the role of Gallery Assistant after completing a four-year Bachelor of Visual Arts at the University of Auckland at Manukau and worked under the curatorial leadership of Ema Tavola until 2012. Lim has been exhibiting her graphic design, painting and objects since 2009. In 2012 she curated her first exhibition, 2 For 1 featuring her own work alongside fellow recent graduate David Sun for St Paul St Gallery 3.

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