The Only Time (2016)
Colour inkjet print, 304x152mm, framed

A study in growing up as part of a culture with a rich heritage but not having any real connection to it beyond ceremonial trappings at particular events.  This is one of several images based around the emotions of the artist as he navigates through his 45 years of being in and out of the shadows cast by family in the fading light of their memories of Samoan heritage and the rising dawn of the life Aotearoa has offered his generation.

Raymond Sagapolutele is a Aotearoan born Samoan artist and self-taught photographer.  He has worked for numerous editorial publications and exhibited widely in a range of group and solo exhibitions around Auckland spanning the last 10 years and is a part of the graffiti creative collective known as TMD.

“The narrative may change but the intent is always the same – honest dialogue with the viewer.  My style of photography is based on observation with a little bit of the unconventional, this is not to confuse or frustrate but it is a method by which I empty my head of all the stories contained within.”