20130802-235431.jpgI’m still in the hazy aftermath of almost three months of planning and fundraising and today was a day filled with distractions. Without a car, I end up catching rides with friends and sitting in on some pretty random adventures. Yesterday I witnessed a cow running loose in Otara. Today I wiled away waiting time watching Jenna Marbles’ video “What are this” on repeat.

There’s something about being a passenger that makes me want to drink and I’m still a little bit on that celebration flow. I probably drank one can too many this afternoon before coming home for a Tongan massage from my partner’s father. I subconsciously do this – before getting tattooed or massaged – that little bit of alcohol in my system seems to amplify pain and I DON’T KNOW WHY I KEEP DOING IT.

Tu’i massages remind me of all the physiotherapy and chiropractor therapy I’ve had but harder. I’d say it’s deep tissue but it feels like sometimes he touches bone. My god, it hurts. It hurts real bad, and today it was almost unbearable. But Oh Em Gee when it’s done, I literally feel… Remarkable – like there’s electricity surging through my veins. I could honestly skip down my street; I feel ah-mazing. With my back cracked and a body fully charged with secret stores of muscle magic, I feel well prepared for this weekend’s 14-hour flight to Vancouver.

I’m thankful for Tu’i, for sharing the art of Tongan healing massage with me, and for our long broken English conversations about babies (i.e when will I produce his son’s children), work stories (a work ethic of epic proportions) and famili.

After the massage we all ate steak and watched Cops. A perfect Friday night.

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  1. last31at31

    I live massages but deep tissue is too much for me. I got one once and almost cried. I don’t remember feeling better later because I was still on shock. The massage therapist recommended Ben gay and Tylenol. That’s not what I was going for lol


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