It’s a new dawn, it‘s a new day, it’s a new life for me… and I’m feeling good.

It’s on… 2018 is here. I saw in the new year under the Sky Tower, for the first time. The fireworks were spectacular. I ended the night with a motley crew of Fiji gang, South Auckland peeps and FAF SWAG family in Ōtara.

Today, suddenly, all my big talk about reverse migrating feels very real. I’ve been tackling my borderline hoarding problem head first this festive season, trying to be ruthless and rationale, and work out ways to migrate probably hundreds of kilos of [essential] books from one home to another.

I came to Aotearoa with the intention of doing an undergraduate degree and returning home to Suva to open a gallery. I think I spent most of my twenties telling people about that plan, but at some point I probably just stopped believing it was possible. But, three curatorial projects I’ve been involved with over the past two or so years have represented a shift in my practice and thinking and Fiji has come back into focus.

A change in circumstances in late 2017 became the final turning point, and the return home, the reverse migration, went from dream to plan and now, reality.

I found this Manukau Institute of Technology promo from 2007 in the boxes and boxes of ephemera that have accumulated from 16 years in Auckland. It was a good reminder.

Much to do and pack before the final departure, but it’s full steam ahead. I can’t wait…

Bring on the super moon!