Mereia, BLOOD+BONE series

Mereia was originally made for my 2009 solo exhibition, BLOOD+BONE

This work was always special to me as it’s a portrait of my older sister. This series of hi-viz vest portraits was made to represent the safety and protection of various women in my life during the period of time after I left my marriage. The series is about visibility and acknowledging those whose love and support was a guiding light through a period of intense darkness.

Mereia is currently being framed for the King’s College Fine Art Sale from 8-10 November. The annual event takes place at the school grounds on Golf Avenue, Ōtāhuhu, South Auckland. I’m part of the Ōtāhuhu Arts and Culture Sub-Committee of the Ōtāhuhu Steering Group; this year we’ve successfully advocated for the inclusion of a small group of local artists in this prestigious and high profile event. I’m exhibiting two works and also speaking on Sunday 10 November in the Speaker Series. Other artists representing Ōtāhuhu are Leilani Kake, Jeremy Leatinu’u and Molly Rangiwai McHale.

More information coming soon!

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